Towns N – W


  • Howe St. – New detached garage.

North Reading:

  • Janice Ave. – New family room and master suite.
  • Erwin Rd. – Completely new 2nd floor with 2 bedrooms, remodel 1st floor for master bedroom.
  • Swan Pond Rd. – New kitchen, dining room, and 2nd floor with 3 bedrooms.



  • Walnut St. – New detached garage.
  • Windermere Rd. – New kitchen addition.
  • Cherry St. – New garage addition.
  • Lexington St. – New family room, dining room, mudroom, and attached garage.
  • Walter St. – New second floor master bedroom and bath.
  • Plainfield St. – New breakfast room.


  • Wilson St. – New second floor on half of house with a master suite and additional bedroom.
  • East Way – New family room, office, and two car garage.
  • Line Rd. – New three bedroom house.
  • Latham Ln. – New kitchen, mudroom, and porch.


  • Highview Rd. – New kitchen and half bath.


  • Inca Trail – Added a garage bay, new second floor exercise room, play room, and bath.


  • Summit Rd. – New family room, kitchen, and master suite.


  • Packard Rd. – New four bedroom house on existing foundation.
  • Homestead Ln. – New sun room, second floor with master suite, family room, and office.
  • Cider Mill Rd. – New 4600sf. house, with four bedrooms, and three car garage.
  • Taylor Rd. – New sun room, screen porch, and deck.


  • Highland Ave. – New dormer and full bath.


  • Marked Tree Rd. – See page…
  • Boston Post Rd. – New breakfast room.
  • Noyes Ln. – New 3700sf. house with five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and three car garage.
  • Land’s End Ln. – Expanded garage to add master suite and re-design second floor layout.


  • Johnson Rd. – Addition of new den, office, and family room.


  • Fox Run Rd. – New kitchen, mudroom, and garage.


  • Crystal St. – Finished attic for master bedroom suite.


  • Elison Rd. – Renovation to porch and mudroom.
  • Hatherly Rd. – New car port.


  • Breaford St. – New front porch.



  • Monadnock Rd. – See page…
  • Fiske Rd. – See page…
  • Waban St. – New master suite and two car garage.
  • Winslow Rd. – New garage, mudroom, and bath.
  • Clark Rd. – New finished attic with a bedroom and family area.
  • Windemere Rd. – New kitchen, side entry, all new second floor with two bedrooms, bath, office, and master suite.


  • Yale St. – New addition of a bedroom and family room.
  • Dix St. – New kitchen and master bedroom and bath renovation.

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